Finding Something Better Than a Golden Dome

Golden Dome of the Georgia State Capitol


On the street corner in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, a friend and I were standing, chatting, and waiting for the little pedestrian icon to turn from orange to white so we could cross the street. An older woman came up to us and looked passed us up to the top of a building beyond.

“I am not concerned about Jesus Saves,” she said. “I am looking for the golden dome. Do you know where it is?”

It took us a minute to realize what she was asking. I think our hesitations cast some doubt in her mind as to whether we could give her a trustworthy and satisfactory answer. My friend’s name being Jesus (Hey-Zues) added to my confusion. We guessed she was talking about the golden dome that sits atop of the state capitol government building along Washington and Trinity streets in downtown Atlanta (More about the Georgia State Capitol) . We pointed in the general direction of where we believed it to be. With apparent no trust in our judgment, the lady headed in another direction. The dome was indeed in the direction in which we had pointed.

Jesus Saves

2016-03-16 14.18.21
Steeple with “Jesus Saves” on both sides.


Jesus and I continued towards a building where we were to conduct an inspection, discussing the strange encounter. We were not sure what she had meant by her not being “concerned about Jesus Saves.” Part of our inspection included the roof top. We decided to go there first. Once upon the flat roof I surveyed the Atlanta skyline. I saw a steeple with the words “Jesus Saves” on the side of it. I looked down and saw the street corner where the lady had spoken to us. Other buildings had blocked our view of the steeple where the brief discussion had taken place. I realized what her statement meant. She wasn’t looking for this building, but for the building with the golden dome.

This woman echoed the sentiments of so many people. They don’t care too much about “Jesus Saves.” They just want to know the direction to the golden dome. Jesus addressed this very concern of the world’s obsession with things that are limited and false. People prefer the shiny things in life to what Jesus has to offer. The golden dome this lady sought has twenty ounces of gold leaf covering it. It is estimated to be worth $30,000. As impressive as it sounds, it is still temporal.

The golden dome represents man made government and society. In Isaiah 6:9a, the government and kingdom of God is spoken of. The scripture says “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder.” (ESV, italics are mine for emphasis). The government of man shall pass away in all its imperfections, but the government and kingdom of God will not.  Jesus saves from the temporal and faulty government of man and replaces it with His kingdom. It starts now in our hearts and will be in full force when Jesus sets up His kingdom at the end of time.

We pointed the lady in the right direction, but, again like the world she didn’t trust us with our directions any more than she trusted Jesus to save her. I wonder if she even knew what she was asking. I know she meant it one way, but it could be taken another. I wonder if she thought, “What is it that Jesus saves from?” Based on her statement and then her interaction with us, I would hazard a guess that she never gave the statement a second thought, much less a deeper meaning. She, after all was “not too concerned with Jesus Saves.”

I, on the other hand am very glad Jesus Saves and Jesus saved me. As Ravi Zacharias has said, “Jesus did not come to earth to make bad people good. No, He came to earth to make dead people alive.” Jesus saved me from death. He saved me from a life of aimlessness and worthlessness. He saved me from the slavery of sin and deceit. He saved me from eternal separation from God and he saved me from unrighteousness. He saved me from me. He came to give me life and that more abundantly. He did all that by the renewing of my spirit. This is what it means to be born again; to be born to new life and to become a new creature. This is how Jesus Saves. This is the good news we must tell to others, even those who are not so concerned that Jesus saves and prefer the gold and golden domes.

Getting to Know Jesus

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To Be Born Again


How Do You Approach Jesus?

One of the religious leaders of Jesus’ time came to him to converse. This guy was named Nicodemus and he was part of the ruling body of Israel. He was more than curious about Jesus. He thought Jesus might just be right and all that Nicodemus had believed might be wrong. He was a skeptic, not a critic. Jesus welcomed skeptics, but rebutted critics. When Nicodemus came to Jesus, he was floored by what Jesus had to say.  He told Nicodemus he must be born again. “How can a man enter into his mother’s womb a second time?” Nicodemus asked. I have to give the man his due; his mind was open to possibilities.

You may be wondering just like Nicodemus what it means to be born again. You were born the first time since you are reading this. To which you probably said, “Duh!” Okay, is that enough to get you to heaven? Not if you have to be born again. If the current state you are in is not enough, what is that state? It is a state of spiritual deadness. Your body is alive, but your spirit is dead. There is more to the human condition than this, but I am trying to keep it simple. When your spirit becomes alive again, you are re-born or born again. (see another blog – Being Fully Human). This happens when you realize that you cannot create this rebirth (being born again or saved as some call it). However, Jesus can.

The Spiritual Condition

We all start out spiritually dead because of a condition called sin. God is a holy God and when we as a human race fail to be holy like Him, it is sin. It started with Adam and Eve and continues today. This state of spiritual deadness and sin keeps us separated from God. We deserve to be punished for our sin. That punishment was poured out on Jesus when He went to the cross. He paid the sin-debt that we deserved to give us an opportunity to regain our relationship with God.

The Mission of Jesus

Too often people mistakenly believe Jesus came to earth to make bad people good. No, He came to earth to make dead people alive. Once our spirit is alive, we then can live lives of good. This is a simplistic attempt to explain how we can be born again. You may find it fantastic or even be skeptical. That is okay. I, or someone would be glad to speak with you about it. We won’t try to talk you into anything. If we were successful, it won’t help. You wouldn’t have changed your spiritual condition because you must be born again.

You can contact me at or call 1-888-Need Him to speak with someone further. We would be glad to talk with you.